Importance of Music Education

Everyone enjoys music either by listening to their favorite tunes, dancing to it, singing, or playing an instrument.  Listening to music at an early age helps develop language and reasoning skills in children, which will stick with them for the rest of their lives.  That’s why music education in schools is so important.  All types of education are extremely important and it seems that when states have to cut funding, schools and teachers are the first to see the consequences.  Music education is often removed from the budget because the higher ups don’t seem to know the importance of it.  Some of the top benefits of music education at any age are:

  • Memorization: Even when sheet music is read, a musician still uses their memory to perform.  Whether it be the way their fingers need to move to play the note or the tune of the song, memory is developed while playing music and this is beneficial to all other aspects of life.
  • Improvement: Learning music promotes a skill that a musician wants to fine-tune and improve over time.  Working to master a craft can carry over into other aspects of life where the student wants to improve.
  • Coordination: Learning music greatly increases hand-eye coordination in a young child.  Just like playing sports, playing an instrument can help physically as well
  • Emotional Development: Music students tend to develop more emotionally and have a better understanding of other cultures.  They are very self-confident and seem to have less anxiety in their lives
  • Imagination: Learning music helps to build one’s imagination and intellectual curiosity.  Introducing it at a young age will help open the student’s mind to wanting to learn all about all types of things.  Art helps to develop the entire brain and helps spark creativity.


So if you have a child in a school that does not have a music education problem, try to find a local music teacher who can help instill great values and development strategies into your child.  It will pay off in the long run, and you’ll always have music to listen to if you have a musician in the family!

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