Back to the Womb

momm musicSo as we sit here and ponder where our search begins, let us go back as far as we possibly can.  Yes I say let go back to the near start… some would say before the start of ourselves… the womb.

Huh you say?  Well let’s think about it.  Where do you suppose we were first introduced to sound.. to tone.  Well if we were lucky enough to have a mom that liked to ride down the road with  the volume cranked up to levels that could penetrate the amniotic fluid. then maybe just maybe this is where our true influence of tone could begin.

Early, so in early in fact that our memories can not even perceive this far back.  Maybe under hypnosis might have a chance.  So why am I pointing this out…  i fancy the thought that the actual influences we think are all from us might actually be from a time that we have forgot.  Or for that matter never remembered anyway.

So the next time you fancy a song or a style, you just might have yo momma to thank,

Sandra Reed